[LA Weekly - Best of LA 1997]


by Skylaire Alfvegren

Spy Tech Agency - Want to create a foolproof new identity, overthrow the government or just spy on your nanny? 

You might think a spy store in West Hollywood would cater only to paranoid celebrities and former dictators on the lam; after all, what spy gear could be available to bargain-basement Bonds? 

Actually, plenty! Spy Tech's bug detectors and tap detectors, night vision and surveillance equipment, scramblers and other covert gadgets
are available for rent or purchase, as are their recording briefcases, stuffed animals, neckties, mirrors and shirt-buttons. (Their ever-popular VCR-cam rents for only $93 for two nights.) 

Secretly record conversations with their pen microphone, or fool your mother with a telephone voice changer ($79 to $140).
For do-it-yourselfers, their selection of books (such as Kill or Be Killed, The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks and The Original Poor Man's James Bond)
is excellent; bone up on wiretapping, surveillance, bounty hunting, computer hacking! Stock up on safety items
like stun guns, "body alarms," bullet-proof vests and theft-detection powders to safeguard your missions.

Spy Tech Agency also offers investigative services, an engineering department (for special jobs) and personal appointments. And remember their motto: "Knowledge is power -- don't have it used against you!"