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by Skylaire Alfvegren

FlyboysBefore the United States entered into "the Great War," a number of Americans came to the Allies' aid, and among the most daring were the pilots of a French air squadron, the Lafayette Escadrille. This is their story, movie-sized.

Rebel ace Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson) and Captain Georges Thenault (Jean Reno) are on hand to show new flyers the ropes. For instance, there's Skinner (Abdul Salis), a black expat defending the country that showed him love (France) and Briggs Lowry (Tyler Labine), tubby and upper crust, hoping to prove his mettle. All in all, a well-rounded display of humanity, led by Blaine Rawlings (James Franco).

You wouldn't think to describe a war movie as "dreamy," but this $60 million epic is exactly that. Heck, Grimm's Fairy Tales feature more bloodshed. Lucienne (Jennifer Decker), a wide-eyed local girl, tends to her orphaned niece and nephews while inspiring Rawlings' stupefying heroism and provides a plotline civilians can be swept away by.

Perfect for air show attendees, Air Force recruiters and vets of any war seeking to convey their experiences to squeamish wives or small children. Other viewers will likely find themselves playing "aviator dead pool" when not being dazzled by the smashing air battles of director Tony Bill.

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