by Skylaire Alfvegren

Charles Hall enlisted in the Air Force in 1964. After completing weather training school, he was sent to Nellis Air Force base in March of 1965. During the two years he was stationed there, he says, “I spent most of my time as the duty weather observer at the gunnery ranges up at Indian Springs. And while I was up there, I discovered that there was a base that the U. S. government maintains for a group of aliens that I call the Tall White Aliens.” Hall details his encounters in a three book series entitled Millennial Hospitality.

Hall claims that from Indian Springs, if you look straight north up the Indian Springs Valley, and a bit to the east, you’ll find their main base in those mountains. (The location is known as Area 54.) From the same vantage point looking west, the other set of peaks contain the Tall Whites’ living quarters. “They live underground and the entrances to their living area are a set of tunnels.” Hall claims. The location is so secret “that in 1965, I had a map put out by the U.S. Geological Service, and all it would show for that place was a white spot marked ‘unexplored territory.’” The map didn’t even contain the mountains!

“There came a day where the aliens and the government formed a committee and decided that they would just send one weather observer, Hall says. His orders allowed him to travel through Dreamland, which is Area 53 and 54, “and the area I call the desert southwest game range, which includes Dogbone Lake.”

A double security perimeter rings area 54 and the aliens’ mountain; humans guard the outer perimeter, while Tall Whites protect the inner perimeter. “And then everything inside the inner perimeter is treated like it’s the embassy for the Tall Whites.”

“Every month on the night of the full moon, at or near sundown, the deep space craft arrive, coming in over Dogbone Lake. They pull into port, into the main hangar, where they repair and they refuel and they refurbish. On the night of the new moon, they go out to Dogbone Lake and take off. They use the base in the same way the U. S. Navy or the U. S. Air Force would use a base, say, on an island in the Pacific.”

Basically, they use Earth as a stepping stone. “Most stars have another star within two light months of them,” Hall says. “But with the sun, there’s a huge bubble of emptiness, like ten light years across. In that bubble, there are only a few stars: the sun, the three stars of Alpha Centauri four light years away, and Bernard’s Star. So for the Tall Whites, it’s kind of like island hopping across the Pacific, except they’re hopping from star to star."

The Tall Whites don’t have a message of celestial brotherhood, nor do they wish to harm us. “They are not here to save us from ourselves. The base they have here on earth is very important for repairing and refurbishing their space craft. They’re just ordinary creatures like you or I, they’re not supernatural, they didn’t come here from another dimension, they’re not hybrids,” Hall says. “They never gave me any message.”

“They have family groups, they have men, women and children, just like humans do. As the weather observer, I was out with pretty colored balloons, which have lights on them. The children enjoyed watching me release them, and looking through my theodolite, so that was one reason they would interact with me.

“Another reason is that the Tall Whites and the U. S. government have a technology exchange program. They did not come here to teach us anything, but for those things where there’s an advantage for them, they’re willing to exchange technology. Imagine we had a base on an island in the Pacific. It would make more sense for the Air Force to buy electronic equipment locally than to ship it out from New York. So for example, they were willing to exchange technology on things like radios and high grade titanium, but they weren’t willing to show the U. S. Air Force how to build craft that moved faster than the speed of light. (They have the titanium black craft, the deep space craft, which clearly travels faster than the speed of light, and then they had their scout craft which were white, and were clearly assembled here on earth, too small to make the deep space crossing.) If you were dealing with them the way I was, if you were giving them an advantage, the terms could be as simple as the children have fun playing while I work.”

Contact with the Tall Whites terrified Hall for his first six months at Indian Springs. “And it’s that way for them too, when they first come around humans. For the new arrivals, I was the first human they’d ever seen. A few nights after the deep space craft had landed, the tall whites who maintained the base, who were always there and were used to being around humans, would get together groups of newly arrived Tall Whites and bring them around to where I was, just so they could overcome their fear of humans prior to talking with the military brass.”

“They typically didn’t say hello when they came or goodbye when they left, unless it was someone I had become unusually friendly with like Range Four Harry, or the Teacher--those were their CIA names,” Hall says. Each being took on a human name to facilitate communication. “The Walker, the Hiker, the Captain. But if there wasn’t an actual reason for them to talk, they might not, they might just come and stand around and watch what I was doing purely as their way of overcoming their fear of humans. And then when they felt that they had made progress, they would leave.

These extraterrestrials live to be 700 years old, and they’ve been based in Nevada for eons. “One of the tall white ladies who took on the name of Pamela said she had been born in Indian Springs Valley when James Madison was president.” For most of their adult life, the Tall Whites stand around six feet tall, but when they reach the equivalent of middle age, “they become quite tall. I remember one night one of the older men, who was still perfectly functional, was standing next to the control tower that used to be out at range three. And I noted where his head was even with one of the cross beams. The next day I went out there with a yardstick, and I measured it and he was eight and a half feet tall.”

“It was quite common for those regular staff members--who weren’t too old, who were only five and a half or six feet tall—to disguise themselves as humans and come into the casinos in Las Vegas. A common place to see them was at the old Stardust back in 1965. They used to love it because the motif used to be what it would look like if you were out in space, and they found that really entertaining.” A common time for experienced Tall Whites to bring newbies in was 4am on Monday morning. Hall claims the CIA used to staff the Stardust when they were expecting a visit from the Tall Whites. “Then the CIA team of at least one pit boss and at least three or four dealers would come in there. And one night I came in there and I counted more than five CIA guys, one on the dice table, three on the blackjack table, one on the roulette wheel and so on.”

They Tall Whites also frequented the Showboat, the Tropicana and the Four Queens, where CIA dealers would shadow them, just to be safe. “If the Tall Whites ever got in trouble, there would always be a few friends around, and at any time, they could make the phone call to the Pentagon, the Pentagon could make the call to the governor… I remember one night I was standing outside the Four Queens when a group of them came through, they had six CIA guards, four men and two women on an outer perimeter, spread real wide, and then three or four tall white guards, with The Teacher and Pamela escorting a group of new arrivals. They really enjoyed coming into Las Vegas. Being out in the desert was as boring for them as it was for us.”

The Tall Whites never divulged their place of origin. “One night I asked the Teacher, ‘where do you come from?’” he says. “And she smiled and asked me if I knew the names they used when they talk about the stars? I said of course not, and she said so even if we told you, you still wouldn’t know.

“But one night I mentioned the star Arcturus, which is 36 light years away, and all the Tall Whites around me got real nervous, like I had touched a nerve.” Hall notes that in ancient Greek mythology dating to 972 B.C., Arcturus was given the name ‘the watcher star.’ “The ancient Greeks claimed when they were camping on warm summer nights, a group of tall white Gods would ascend from Arcturus, and just stand beyond the campfire and watch them.”

Hall, who resides in New Mexico, believes the Tall Whites maintain the Indian Springs base as well as a number of scout craft hangars around the world. They use the scout craft the way we use cars, to travel around Earth, or to the moon or Mars--just for short trips. “There is the legend of the ‘Ghost of Doña Ana County.’ Just north of Las Cruces, there’s a place where the Rio Grande bends to the west, and there’s a set of mountains to the northwest of that, south of the Sierra Ladrones, near the little city of Reserve. I note that the earliest Spanish explorers were told by local Indians that ghosts would emerge from those mountains, stand just beyond the range of the fire light, and watch them. According to local police, campers continue to report seeing the so-called ‘Ghost of Doña Ana County’ to this day.”

Hall believes the Tall Whites’ base is still in operation. “I feel quite certain of it,” he says. “When you look at Indian Springs from space, it has a perfect location for them, and if they come from Arcturus, they’d want a base in the northern hemisphere. They like it hotter than we do. I recall back in 1965, when it got past 100, you’d see them in their shirtsleeves, playing with their children. They can’t take the cold, at 70 degrees they have to dress warmly.” Southern Nevada still plays host to these beings: A friend of the Halls claims to have seen a group of Tall Whites at the Tropicana at 3:00 am in 1990.

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